Our certifications

Quality is the most important aspect for ConfetiCakes S.L, its great experience and certifications attest this fact. The quality is crucial if we want our products to be successful in the market. Our raw materials come from selected suppliers and thanks to this and our demanding internal inspections we are able to obtain a product of unbeatable quality. The results we have obtained in the constant analysis of our products made by external laboratories accredited by ENAC are proof of this quality.

BIO certified
In a world that is becoming more and more environmentally and health conscious, having this certificate guarantees that Confeticakes makes a sustainable and healthy product.
Kosher certified
This certification guarantees the compliance with the regulations of the Jewish community.
FDA certified
Thanks to this certification, our company makes sure the norms of this organization are always complied which is essential for the commercialization of our products in the United States and other countries governed by its standards.
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