CONFETICAKES, S.L. defines the corporate policy, made up of the basic objectives and the means to achieve them, in order to continuously improve our product for full customer satisfaction. All members of the company must participate in this policy in order to contribute as efficiently as possible to the achievement of our objectives.

CONFETICAKES SL is committed to complying with the food safety culture included in the Codex Alimentarius and in Regulation (EC) No. 852/2004 on food hygiene.

The basic objectives of CONFETICAKES, S.L. are:

  • Customer focus: Meet the requirements of our customers, for this we will identify their basic needs and expectations.
  • Environmental responsibility: In our process, all the activities carried out will be respectful of the environment, properly managing emissions, waste and discharges.
  • Ethical and labor responsibility: We will comply with all the labor requirements established in current legislation with our personnel.
  • Meet all product requirements: These requirements will include safety, quality, legality, product specifications, and manufacturing.

To achieve these goals requires:


  • Existence of a commitment at the highest level that promotes the established Corporate Policy and the food safety culture plan.
  • Continuously improve the efficiency of our production system.
  • Guarantee the level of training of the personnel necessary for the development of their activities.
  • Responsible development of the work assigned to each person, collaborating with the other members of the company when they require it.
  • Comply with the functions and responsibilities that correspond to each member for their job position.


Espiel, June 26, 2023



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